Style is an important part of identity

Every day starts out with a decision about style. Style means being comfortable in your skin, and that means feeling good about the way you look.
From complete makeovers to special events, I will guide you in finding the style that feels best for you. I’ll show you the do’s and don’ts of getting dressed so you can put together everyday outfits and party ensembles all on your own.


  • Wardrobe edit

    Work with what’s already in your closet to bring new life to old favorites.

  • The Basics shopping trip

    Pack your wardrobe with the essentials during this joint outing.

  • Seasonal update

    Update your closet with a few pieces that will last you through the season.

  • Complete overhaul

    Make a change in your life by re-evaluating your wardrobe and stepping into a new you.

Services can be tailored. Let’s talk about how I can help.