My goal is to help clients be their best.

portrait By creating clarity and order in your space and in the way you feel about yourself, you free your mind and time to focus on what’s important to you in your life. Our homes are our sanctuaries and our offices more often than not act as second homes. When my clients walk into these spaces, I want them to feel free of chaos.

When I’m not organizing or styling, I am an avid shopper – always doing “market research!” I love combing local flea markets for one-of-kind pieces and hunting through the racks at vintage shops, piecing together new ways to bring past gems into the present. I also love live music and taking in the beautiful, nature-filled Bay Area. And when I can bring those two together – heaven!


You might see your space as an impossible mess, but I see it as a puzzle with some extra pieces – some pieces have the perfect spot, and some just don’t fit. I’m taking the challenge on with an objectivity that can see what great possibility there is. When you have a connection with all your “stuff,” it can be difficult to decipher what really matters. I start by understanding my client’s needs and then edit what already exists. I make sure systems flow and most importantly, that they are easy. If something is easy to put away, any member of the family can do it.


Style should be fun! Once you know what cuts fit you best and your most flattering colors, fashion will be enjoyable. Great style doesn’t have to come with a big price tag; an ideal wardrobe will include high and low pieces that can easily be mixed. My personal style is eclectic, which means I borrow from many different styles, eras and trends, and I can appreciate and respect them all equally. I understand what makes a great piece of clothing, no matter the style. Because I’ve spent so much time with various styles, I can quickly recognize a client’s perspective and work with what they already feel comfortable in. My goal is having my clients get a confidence boost knowing they look their best.